Central Florida Landscape Plants

Your Guide to Central Florida Landscape Plants and how to grow them.

Get to know which plants that grow well in Central Florida and also how to easily care for them. Once you get to know Central Florida Landscape Plants, growing them is easy!

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If you live in Central Florida, this guide is for YOU. You’ll find plants that grow well in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 9b. That’s basically anywhere from Daytona Beach to Tampa and south to Fort Myers.

Learn all about Florida landscape plants, which include trees, shrubs, plants and flowers. This is your guide to learn about how you can successfully grow plants specifically in Central Florida.

Whether you live in a large home or a small apartment in Central Florida, you’ll find the perfect plants to grow in your space.

Check out the Plant Guide Pages for everything you need to know, expert care tips, and concise Key Takeaways.

The Plant Guide Pages help you discover and get to know the basics about Central Florida Landscape Plants. Check out our Plant Pages to learn about plants that grow well in our Central Florida hardiness zone.

You’ll also learn how to easily care for them. Find all the basics on Zone 9 Florida plants, which will help you discover the right trees, shrubs, plants and/or flowers for your specific area.

Each Plant Guide has a Key Takeways section at that end of each post for the most concise information on your specific plant.

There’s something here for everyone.

New to the Central Florida area? Discover new plants and how to grow them in our typically sandy soil, strong sun, and year-round growing season. This hardiness zone may be a challenge even if you were an avid gardener in another state.

So we’re here to help you with that. Your love for plants can continue with new kinds of plants that grow well in your specific area.

Are you a part-time Florida resident or out-of-state rental property owner? Find plants that fit your snowbird lifestyle that thrive on minimal care. Keep your rental property looking fantastic with landscape plants that won’t let you down while you are away.

central florida landscape plants, florida landscape plants, florida landscape ideas, landscape ideas

Current Central Florida Resident? Learn more about how to care for the plants you already have and also get ideas for new plants for your home and garden.

Central Florida Landscape Plants are unique. And therefore, each plant has its own dedicated information page filled with just the right amount of information you’ll need to care for them and keep them thriving.